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Solidarity Foundation is a national, not-for-profit organization working to support gender and sexual minorities(the LGBTIAQ+ community) and further LGBTIAQ+ inclusion and acceptance through artistic and cultural avenues. Solidarity Foundation organizes events such as concerts, performances etc. that provide a platform for LGBTIAQ+ people to be seen, appreciated, and accepted as capable artistes. In the past, the foundation has organized a concert featuring musicians from the Jogappa community – a gender minority community from North Karnataka – who shared the stage with the renowned carnatic musician, T M Krishna for the performance.

Queer Ink is a ten-year-old queer-owned, independent publisher and producer. Our vision is to change the popular narrative of LGBTHQIA+ India, by curating, developing and promoting quality works, in print, across screens and languages. We publish books and produce films, theatre and events.

Our focus is on sexuality and gender diverse communities, their families and colleagues in India; in bringing about the queer, the quirky, and the wonderful into the mainstream.

Queer Ink is a platform for sharing creativity, for encouraging writers and artists with any new, exciting, queer, fun, out-of-the-box ideas to feel safe and appreciated in expressing themselves. If you feel you have a whiff of the ‘queer’ about you and that it adds a special kind of bounce to your stride, do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Queer Ink is all about the urgency of inter-personal connections. We reach out so that everyone else can.

To quote Justice D. Y. Chandrachud :

Legal Change must be followed by a change in our societal and moral values. Our work must begin now, so that we may not be the cause of the injustice, from having once been the inheritors of injustice.

Join us!

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