5 groups for queer folks in Bengaluru

By BeUnic
26 Sep, 2022

Queer and in Bengaluru? This blog post is especially for you!

We know how lonely and boring it can get sometimes, especially if you're not a local resident. Making new friends is a chore, dating apps don't always work out, and the new Queer Eye season is still far. Worry not! 

If you identify as LGBTQ+ and are in Bengaluru, here's a few things you must try if you'd like to meet new people and make some friends in this lovely city!

1) BeUnic events - We organise monthly catch ups, networking sessions and parties in Bengaluru at various locations. Follow us at https://www.instagram.com/beunic_india to stay tuned! We also cover other cities from time to time, if you'd like us to come to your city/area next, or if you'd like to help us organize a queer-friendly event you have in mind, reach out to us and let us know!

2) Out and About - If you like to travel over the weekend, this would be the perfect group of people for you. Their trips are queer-friendly and non-judgemental. Their treks leave Friday night and bring you back by Sunday night, just in time for work on Monday. They also do a lot of other events in the city (Workshops, festival celebrations etc).

Follow them on https://www.instagram.com/out_and_about____ for more details!

3) Goodasyou Support group Meetings - Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who can understand where you're coming from, and therapists aren't always queer-friendly. This support group meeting happens every Thursday in Bengaluru, open only for LGBTQIA+ persons to share and seek support from peers for various issues that queer folks go through. Contact: https://www.facebook.com/goodasyoublr/

4) Love All Badminton Group - Who doesn't like a good game of badminton once in a while with friends? Check out queer Badminton enthusiasts who play every Mon-Wed-Fri in Indiranagar courts, usually from 9pm to 11pm. Contact: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1597074777243987

5) GRAB and Bengaluru Frontrunners - For those who like active Sunday mornings, this one is for you. A bunch of queer people run and meet for breakfast near Cubbon park/Whitefield every Sunday morning. Reach out to the Instagram page - https://instagram.com/bengalurufrontrunners to know more about their next run.

There's still a dearth of queer-friendly places in India, but things are improving slowly and surely. We're also trying to do our part by organizing more events, where the queer community can meet and interact with each other in safe spaces without judgement. Somtimes you just need a few platonic people in life to hang out with, hopefully this list will help.

Would you like to know more about queer events happening around you? Let us know in the comments or ping us on Instagram! Happy socializing :)

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