LGBT owned Businesses in India

By Beunic
20 May, 2022

Growing up queer is anyways difficult, and on top of that, being an entrepreneur can be even more challenging. We put together a list of 13 Queer entrepreneurs all across India who have braved all the challenges and set up their businesses. Even a follow on their social media can be really helpful. And an order would definitely be great! So please do check them out and show your support!

Anisha Chaudhari
Threads And Shirts (Fashion)

Founded in 2015, Threads & Shirts was Anisha Chaudhari’s solution for custom tailored corporate wear. Threads & Shirts is a modernistic made to measure shirt company providing their customers with an option to recreate a shirt through the customisation of the smallest details. Threads & Shirts boats a variety of different shirt styles, designs and fabrics. Do check out their website or their Instagram @threadsandshirts for more details.


Tania George
Bouclé by Tania George (Fashion)

Based out of Bangalore and founded in April 2018, Bouclé by Tania George is a Prêt line specializing in niche essentials that are refined and quirky yet versatile. The label embodies a way of life for the modern who prefer understated elegance to redundant ornamentation. They create beautiful products with superior finishing, construction techniques, generous use of colors and prints amalgamated by craftsmanship, symbolic and inspirational objects. Bouclé is known for their capsule and limited edition collections. Check out their collection at


Aditya Angelo Fernandes
Angelo Cheese (Vegan Cheese)

Angelo exists to produce delicious vegan products for the growing number of vegans in Bangalore and to reduce the demand for dairy products that are harmful to the planet and it’s inhabitants. Check them out @angelovegancheese on Instagram.


Archit Ambekar
DigiDuffers (Digital Marketing)

Based out of Mumbai, Digiduffers was formed during this pandemic to guide and be a beacon of light and hope for everyone who wants to empower themselves in the digital space. From making a YouTube page to an IGTV to wanting to run an ad on any social media platform to web services graphics and so much more, we are here to help you in your digital journey. Lastly, as our tagline says, “Bounce back with us,” we surely do live up to it. Check out their website


Sidhant Kumar
Queer Indiamart (LGBT Merchandise)

Queerindiamart was started to provide all LGBTQ specific merchandise. They are associated with many artisans and craftsmen across India. Also, we work closely with Queer organizations and NGO’s. In the past, they have organized and collaborated with a few events. Check out their Instagram @queerindiaart


Balakrishna Vallepu
Yogam Pottery (Pottery studio)

Yogam Pottery began in September 2018, as a desire to create and celebrate passion and individuality. Their philosophy is to mould a life according to one’s own terms, in the pursuit of beauty, tranquillity, and individuality. They believe that the striving is a reward in itself and they trust that the universe will be beautiful and bountiful when one follows their passion. Do check out their website


Vachan Chhibber
Baraati Squad (Wedding and event planner)

When we talk about fairy tales, the first word which joggles into our minds is ‘Wedding’. ‘The Highest happiness on earth is the happiness of Marriage ‘. And we all want to celebrate this happiness with our loved one’s. Indeed we all want to do all possible things to make it a memorable moment. In order to make all your events an Everlasting memory, we help you with new ideas, information and resources. By Fulfilling all your wants, we have been serving our best job to all the people around us. Your Faith, Love and Confidence on us gets us going.

BARAATISQUAD is a family-owned wedding planners’ hub that is handled by vachan chhibber and my sister Misty Chhibber Datta. We opened our arms in 2015, we are delhi based planning company.Check out their website –


Sujan’s Resin Art (Resin Art)

Based out of Bangalore, his brand mainly deals with resin art. Especially customized rainbow resin jewelry, resin coasters, resin wall deco, resin geode art work, resin serving trays, resin bookmarks, resin mobile pop socket etc. Check out his work @sujan_resin_art on Instagram.


Aravind Raj
Frontera Displays (LED Displays)

Frontera is a Digital Out-Of-Home (OOH) Ad-tech startup pioneering in creating smart displays that bring the efficiency of Digital Marketing – Offline. They firmly believe that all businesses, from Multinational Brands to Mom-and-Pop Stores, should get the opportunity to advertise and they should be proud of what they’ve created. Frontera provides a smarter, more targeted, rapidly deployable and cost-effective means for brands to advertise offline, bring automated LED displays into the industrial setting to create smarter Warehouses & Industrial Workplaces and create a global network of smart advertising displays placed indoors/ outdoors at commercial & public establishments. Check out their website


Dr. Sanjay Sharma
Footsecure (Physiotherapy)

Chain of Podiatry Clinics in Bangalore, helping people to prevent, manage and rehabilitate foot and ankle ailments due to sports, diabetes, pregnancy, arthritis, etc. Check out their website


Sanam Dembla
Panda Rolling (Smoking Accessories)

Based out of Bangalore and founded in June 2020, Panda Rolling by Sanam Dembla  and her brother, Sharan Dembla is an accessory brand specializing in smoking and other lifestyle essentials which are delivered to your doorstep. We aim to provide quick and efficient deliveries of the best smoking brands all over Bangalore & India with a minimal delivery charge. The team at Panda Rolling care deeply about sustainability which is why we try and make sure that most of our products are eco-friendly and are striving to bring in more products using hemp technology. They create beautiful products with superior finishing, generous usage of colors and craftswomanship that leaves the customers satisfied with their purchases. Follow @panda_rolling on Instagram or log on to their website at to browse through their products.


Ranveer Sadhu
Gardesign (Garden design)

They are an outdoor living and garden design company focused on creating impeccable outdoor living spaces for home owners and businesses. They provide artificial grass, balcony garden setup, terrace garden setup, landscaping services and also vertical gardens. Check out their website

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