Top 20 LGBT movies and TV shows to watch online

By Beunic
30 Jul, 2022

Already done watching movies and TV shows from the previous blog? We are back with a new list! Best of queer TV shows and movies that you should be watching during this quarantine –
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Prayers for Bobby

When we are talking about queer movies, Prayers for Bobby is usually the first movie that comes to mind. Based in the 1980’s, this movie beautifully shows the struggles of how a mother tries to come to terms with her son who was gay and had committed suicide due to her religious intolerance. It is based on a true story of the life of Mary Griffith, who was a gay rights crusader. You can watch it on this website called gomovies.


Another classic movie for the LGBT community that tells the story of how two minority groups come together and fight against what is wrong. This movie, also based on a true story from 1984, has won various awards and is definitely a must-watch. You can watch it on this website called tinyzonetv.

The Normal Heart

Directed by Ryan Murphy, this movie is quite a tearjerker, so do keep your tissues and handkerchiefs ready when you watch this one. With an amazing cast of Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer and Julia Roberts, this movie shows the 1980’s HIV-AIDS crisis in New York. This movie also won a good number of awards that year. You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

Call me by your Name

An Oscar award winning movie, this one shows a lovely relationship between a 17-year-old teenager and a 24-year-old archaeology research assistant. Shot in Italy, this movie has beautiful sets, a great soundtrack and fabulous performances. Do let us know in the comment section if you know where it can be viewed for Indians. Otherwise available on Amazon Prime Video for those abroad.


Another Oscar award-winning flick, this one is a coming of age drama based on a play – In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue. Moonlight shows the story of a young black African-American trying to come to terms with his identity and sexuality. You can watch this one on Amazon Prime Video.

Blue is the warmest color

One of the most critically acclaimed lesbian films, it shows how a woman’s life changes when she meets another young woman with blue hair. A heart-wrenching depiction of finding oneself. You can watch it for free on this website called fsharetv.

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl is one of our personal favorites. Though it is a fictitious love story inspired by the lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, this movie depicts how one can explore their own gender. Do let us know in the comments section if you know where it can be viewed.

Paris is Burning

A documentary from 1990, this one shows the drag scene from 1980’s New York and the ballroom culture and voguing. A historic exploration of gender, sexuality, class and race in America. It can be viewed for free on YouTube.

Brokeback Mountain

Another one of the classics, this one was a stepping-stone for queer cinema. Released in 2005, the movie was critically acclaimed for the fabulous performances by Heath ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway and won many awards for the same. Do let us know in the comment section if you know where it can be viewed.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

How can we forget Ru Paul’s drag race when we are talking about queer TV shows? With more than 16 seasons out, it started in 2009 and is one of the best award winning reality shows in America. The crazy talent on the show will definitely blow your mind. All the seasons are available on Netflix.

Made in Heaven

Definitely the first time an Indian web series did an amazing job at showing a gay character so beautifully. The series beautifully shows a gay man and a woman who are wedding planners and how the person is much more than a gay man. It also touches a sensitive topic of gay men in India who get married to women because of the societal pressure. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.


A beautiful comedy drama, which talks about a family where the man in his 50’s/60’s wants to transition and become a woman. It shows how people do have trouble in believing and adjusting with the same. Though the main character was accused of sexual harassment which could be one of the reasons why they are not making any more seasons of it, it is definitely a beautiful show and you can watch the 5 season on Amazon Prime Video.

Queer As Folk

Probably one of the first queer TV shows to come out on television, this show came out in 1999 and showed the lives of three gay men in Manchester’s gay village. With many steamy scenes, some great performances and good direction, you should not be missing this show. We are still looking for a website where you can view it. If you know of one, do let us know in the comment section.

Assassination of Gianni Versace

A murder thriller which shows how the 27 year old serial killer, Andrew Cunanan killed the world famous designer Gianni Versace. It’s based on a book – Vulgar favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History. You can watch this suspenseful series on Netflix.


Vicious is one of the most beautiful comedy shows we have seen. Starring the super talented Ian McKellen, this show is a great lighthearted refresher and will definitely bring a smile on your face amidst this quarantine. It shows a gay couple that has been together for almost 50 years and how they are sarcastic to each other all the time. All the episodes from the 2 seasons are available on YouTube.

4 more shots please!

Though this show does not revolve around the LGBT community, one of the main characters, played by Bani J is a lesbian. The show depicts the lives of four women who become friends at a bar and the struggles each one of them face in their life. We thought that this show definitely deserved a special mention for being one of the first Indian TV shows to portray a lesbian relationship and some intimacy. You can watch the 2 seasons on Amazon Prime Video.


Another American gay comedy which was recommended by a few people in the comments section of our previous blog. It has quite a fresh take on the LGBTQ-centric narrative. Though critically acclaimed, this show did not get many viewers due to which they had to stop after the second season. You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

Circus of Books

Based on a true story, Circus of Books was a bookstore and a gay pornography shop in West Hollywood, California. This movie shows how a straight couple run this book store and how important it was back then, especially when the laws were against pornography. You can watch this documentary on Netflix.

Alex Strangelove

Who doesn’t like a cute gay romantic comedy movie? This movie shows how a boy questions his sexuality after meeting an openly gay man. You can watch this sweet flick on Netflix.

A Secret Love

A story of two women who fell in love in 1947, when nobody in America could even think of being out as gay. They keep their true relationship a secret for more than 60 years. For everyone else, they were just roommates or co-workers or roommates. You can watch it on Netflix.

That’s all for now folks. We hope these art pieces bring happiness and meaning to your lives. As always, feel free to mention any movie or show we missed out on. Stay home, stay safe!

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