About Us

BeUnic is a community-oriented ecommerce platform that enables LGBTQ artists and designers to offer their products and services. We also work with some of India’s best NGOs, support groups and queer folks to offer any kind of help the community might need in India.

From entrepreneurship to mental health support, community events to legal advice, queer literature to mentorship, BeUnic has something for everyone.

For suggestions, feedback or other opportunities, please feel free to contact us!

Meet The Team

Ashish Chopra

Co-founder, Brand Ambassador

5+ yrs experience in marketing, research, HR and

Ms. Simmi Nanda

Co-founder, Director

25 years experience in operations and scaling

Mr. Gaurav Chhibber

Co-founder, Investor, Mentor

30 years experience in mentoring and running ventures in

Vishesh Chopra

Co-founder, Designer, Marketer

10 years of experience in digital marketing, design and community management

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