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The Naz Foundation (India) Trust is a Delhi-based organization that has pioneered solutions and systems-change for people living with HIV/AIDS. It was founded in 1995 by Anjali Gopalan.cWith a focus on ensuring rights, equality, and citizenship, Naz has ensured access to treatment and care services...

for people living with HIV and adolescent girls, mitigated stigma and built agency among individuals from underserved and marginalised groups, and their families who face multiple socio-economic challenges owing to their HIV positive status, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Over two decades, Naz has innovated, delivered and mainstreamed critical programs and services for people with HIV/AIDS. It has served as a springboard for the LGBTQ movement in India, by focusing attention on sexual minorities, creating new engagements, support groups and collective efforts for this segment. The case against article 377, filed by Naz India’s founder and executive director Anjali Gopalan and won in September 2018, has been the cornerstone for India’s fight for full citizenship and rights for its sexual minorities.

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All India Queer Association (AIQA) is India’s first queer youth organization that strives to work for the collective liberation of various social groups. AIQA is a feminist, socialist, and Ambedkarite organization; We firmly believe in the principles of justice, equality, fraternity, freedom, and liberty...

AIQA seeks to end the exploitation and oppression of all social groups by unionizing and fighting various forms of social evils. We plan to achieve these goals through educational campaigning, and committed participation in democratic and representative processes. Aside from representing the interests of queer youth by participating in demonstrations and protests, AIQA will also organize spoken word events, workshops, and discussion panels to raise awareness amongst the uninitiated through online and offline channels.

We dream of a world where discrimination based on caste, class, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race does not exist. By committing to this dream, we endeavor to do everything within our power to extend our solidarity to movements of the oppressed, ensure the protection of the interests and democratic rights of minorities and oppressed peoples.

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Meet Kamakshi Madan from Pune and who has recently launched her start up that provides a secure and personalized matchmaking platform for the LGBTQ community. Its a completely offline service that also provides add on counselling services as a major parallel feature. Along with this they are...

even lending their support to create a parent support group for Pune chapter of Sweekar.

Do check their website to get an insight in to the kind of services they offer.

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Abhimaan is an organisation in the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra geared towards empowering the LGBTQIA+ community and providing emotional support to people struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. We welcome people regardless of where they fall on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The organisation...

was established by a group of like minded community members who were and will always be dedicated towards securing a better future for the Rainbow people.

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We are a community of Diversity and Inclusion Leaders along with Advocates working together to make India workplaces and society more inclusive. We have a strong LGBTQIA focus and advancing Gender and Abilities focus. We are committed to driving business success and society well-being together....

through embracing and celebrating individual diversity and ensuring everyone is included, nurtured and allowed to make their best possible contribution. We focus on connecting, collaborating and empowering. Our on-line forum connects policy makers across companies and communities empowering the rapid expansion of benefits for same-sex couple and gender-neutral bathrooms, as well as eliminating bias in hiring. Our Inclusion Colab Forums have educated policy makers on the business benefits of inclusive policies. Our Leadership Development Program, Leading With Pride is building the diverse leaders of tomorrow.

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Mobbera Foundation is an registered unfunded organisation which is led by Sandipan Kushary and Anil Kohli which works for human rights , exclusively for LGBTQIA+ community through Arts and cultural programs. Foundation has 3 chapters:

  • A space for LGBTQIA+ and allies to show case their talent with flash mobs, Cultural events etc.Under this project we conduct queer hugs, coming out stories, potlucks, drag shows etc. We have been doing gender sensitization events at corporates, colleges and universities. Awareness programs about LGBTQIA+ community, HIV awareness using Flash mob since 4 years by collaborating with Telangana state AIDS control society.
  • Benefaction club : This club visits orphanages, old age homes, cancer, HIV effected, specially abled kids, provide groceries and spend a whole day with them to make them feel that they are not alone in this world.
  • Guftagu : A chapter where panel discussion with different on going issues in the society.
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Sonzal Welfare Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation working for the wellbeing of gender and sexual minorities in kashmir. Our intervention includes providing psychosocial rehabilitation, legal assistance, capacity building and advocacy.

All Sorts of Queer (ASQ) is a Bangalore based support group for LGBT+ persons. They are a safe space and a peer-to-peer support group for you, if you are Queer and NOT a cis man. They discuss, meet, support on Facebook as well as in person. To be added on the group it is required to have a

face-to-face meeting with a member. To get in touch, write to or call/whatsapp +91 9945164425

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