Beunic 11 Dec, 2023
Born Unwanted?
  Birth of a girl child in Indian families-through the eyes of a paediatrician.   A greater part of our training and practise in ge ...
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Beunic 02 Nov, 2023
If Co-working inclusion is still nascent, are we prepared for Co-Living?
Author: Anonymous Co-working has been a modus-operandus for many companies to cut costs of rentals for commercial space, especially after th ...
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Beunic 28 Sep, 2023
Queer Classifieds India - A member's perspective
Author: Anononymous   I've known Ashish for three and a half years now, and it has been a privilege to celebrate leadership in pride, n ...
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Beunic 16 May, 2023
Shark Tank India goes queer! Three LGBTQ+ Businesses that swum with the sharks
Shark Tank India is a popular reality show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, also known as Sharks, in h ...
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Dr. Aheed Khan 04 Nov, 2022
The Pink Medicine - Part 1
  The Pink Medicine   Stories of Queer discrimination in the medical fraternity in India by Dr. Aheed Khan   It was ofte ...
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BeUnic 26 Sep, 2022
5 groups for queer folks in Bengaluru
Queer and in Bengaluru? This blog post is especially for you! We know how lonely and boring it can get sometimes, especially if you're not a ...
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Beunic 30 Jul, 2022
Top 20 LGBT movies and TV shows to watch online
Already done watching movies and TV shows from the previous blog? We are back with a new list! Best of queer TV shows and movies that you should be wa ...
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Beunic 25 Jul, 2022
6 tips for Indian businesses to be more LGBTQ friendly
  As you would know, Pride month (June) is around the corner. Many companies are all geared up to have a few LGBT events (mostly online, thank ...
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Beunic 18 Jul, 2022
In conversation with the acclaimed Indian film-maker, Onir
We got in touch with the acclaimed Indian filmmaker Onir to feature him, a few days before his birthday, which is on the 1st of May. We feel that he h ...
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Beunic 15 Jul, 2022
How did the rainbow become a symbol for the LGBT community?
June is celebrated as the pride month in honor of the Stonewall riots that happened in June 1969. The rainbow flag is one of the most common sights at ...
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Beunic 11 Jul, 2022
Pillow Talks
In the time of covid-19 and lockdowns, many single folks can’t help but feel lonely at times. Questions such as “Was my ex really that bad ...
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Beunic 22 Jun, 2022
5 Desi Queer Must watch movies on Netflix to binge while you quarantine
Super Deluxe Top of the list definitely has to be Super Deluxe. A collection of 4 different stories linked to each other is all we can ...
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avichalsingh 20 May, 2022
Celebrating 4 years of togetherness of our favourite couple!
Before we get to the couple goals, let’s get to know the guys a little better in their own words. Suresh Ramdas (SR)is tall, dark and handsom ...
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avichalsingh 20 May, 2022
Living positively with HIV
We have received many requests to help increase awareness about drug abuse, HIV and other STD’s. Here is our first attempt to shed some light on ...
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Beunic 20 May, 2022
LGBT owned Businesses in India
Growing up queer is anyways difficult, and on top of that, being an entrepreneur can be even more challenging. We put together a list of 13 Queer ...
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