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Whether its about your mood or a candle light dinner or a festive occasion or stressing about what to gift your friend we got it all backed up for you in the tiny box of LA BOUGIE which includes 3 set of tiny glass candles Ready to light up your day.
Black Oud Black Oud
Black Raspberry vanilla Black Raspberry vanilla
Breezy Linen Breezy Linen
Dragon's Blood Dragon's Blood
Frangipani Frangipani
Fresh Amber Fresh Amber
Gardenia Gardenia
Green Grass Green Grass
Myrrh & Incense Myrrh & Incense
Naroli Naroli
Pomeogranate Berry Pomeogranate Berry
Rose & Oud Rose & Oud
Rose & Sandalwood Rose & Sandalwood
Rose Garden Rose Garden
Tobacco Lavender Tobacco Lavender
Tobacco vanilla Tobacco vanilla
Tuberose Tuberose

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Categories: Home Decor , Candles

  • Product - Set of 3 Candles
  • Details- Comes in glass holder and 3 different fragrances
  • last for 24-48 hours
  • Made In India
Seller Shrikant Rathod Handmade
Color Black Oud, Black Raspberry vanilla, Breezy Linen, Dragon's Blood, Frangipani, Fresh Amber, Gardenia, Green Grass, Myrrh & Incense, Naroli, Pomeogranate Berry, Rose & Oud, Rose & Sandalwood, Rose Garden, Tobacco Lavender, Tobacco vanilla, Tuberose,


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