PetWale Orange Leash with Padded Handle

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The padded handle and soft fabrics will make walks with your pooch even more pleasurable.

Orange Orange

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The supporting materials in between the layers of fabric make the leash strong and sturdy. In addition to this, the rust-resistant metallic fittings make the leash washable and safe for use in monsoons and on the beach!

  • 5 feet long and 0.75 inch wide, the SMALL size is the perfect leash for an extra small or small sized dog
  • 5 feet long and 1 inch wide, the MEDIUM size is the perfect leash for a small or medium sized dog
  • 5 feet long and 1.5 inch wide, the LARGE size is the perfect leash for a medium or large sized dog.
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Color Orange,
Size S, M, L,

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