Destello is not just a shirt brand. It is a representation of my beliefs and morals. Of course we sell shirt but what people buy from us is cause in the form of fashionable shirts.
I am a gay man and a drag performer. I started my career as a stylist in 2014. As years passed by and I became wiser and more experienced, I realized that I wanted to do so much more in life. I wanted to combine my passion, my hobby, my beliefs and my skill sets all into one and make a career out of it. During 2017-2018, hundreds of people on my social media used to ask me where I get my shirts and jackets from and if I sell them. At that time I used to tell them that I make it only for myself but soon I realized that there is a huge demand for it and hence in 2019 Destello was born and I could not have been happier.
As a brand we are rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. Especially those who cannot protect or help themselves. We, as a brand actively involve ourselves and encourage any type of social stewardship. We understand it's difficult but if we all branch out and contribute through little efforts, gradually it will make a difference.
Destello has actively been contributing towards animal welfare. I as an individual have been rescuing and feeding stray animals since 2015 and now I want Destello to exemplify this initiative. So with every purchase, 3% of the shirt cost goes towards feeding hungry animal.
We realize we have a long way to go, and many lives to reach, while we take baby steps with this initiative, our goal is to broaden our scope and pan out to reach as many animals as possible.
We feed birds on a daily basis. Dogs and cats on the street are fed 3 times a week. The satisfaction that we get from it is unimaginable.
We also advocate planting and living a healthy life. We give out complimentary plant/tree or vegetable seeds to our customers with their purchase.


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