Sonal says "I am an LGBTQ+ activist and entrepreneur by profession and a filmmaker by passion. Q- Family is an initiative co-founded by myself and my twin sister Rupa who is an ardent and very vocal supporter of the community. It is essentially an online pride store.
We started Q-family because we believe that families and allies need to join queer persons in their fight for queer rights and visibility. In India, unlike western countries, families are a huge part of our coming out journeys. We cannot possibly be our full selves without some form of open and proud support. The site aims to build this besides encouraging the community to be proud and loud. We hence offer pride merchandise for those who want to wear their support or their life proudly.
Q-family is unique because it doesn't shy away from being in the face about it's core beliefs, this can be seen in it's messaging. It is bold because it believes that so is the community it represents and there is nothing to hide.
Beunic has been a very big support to us. We do not come from a business background and hence it has been difficult to grow at the rate we would have liked. Beunic has supported the promotion of our products and advertised them in several platforms. This has been of tremendous help to us. Collaborating with Ashish and family has been very rewarding professionally as well as on a personal front."



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