7 Must-Watch Queer TV shows on Netflix for the Corona quarantine

By Beunic
20 May, 2022


Are you even gay if you haven’t seen Pose? This show will make you laugh your ass off and make you cry like a baby at the same time. The show is based in the 1980’s and perfectly showcases the African-American and Latino ballroom culture and the AIDS epidemic. This show has everything – from beautiful costumes, to amazing sets, to the best performances by some amazing actors. This show is just the perfect show to watch right now! Season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 on Hotstar.

Sex Education

Definitely one of the best shows on Netflix right now. This show talks about everything from being gay, to exploring bisexuality, to lesbians, being trans, pansexual and almost everything that comes under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. We wish this show were around a few years back to help so many teenagers feel that it is okay and normal to be different. This show is a better source of information than many Indian schools! With 2 seasons out already, the 3rd one is on it’s way.


Based on the memoir “I’m special”, this is a cute tv show which shows us a very different perspective of the lead character being day and specially abled (Cerebral palsy). It gives us a great view of the challenges specially abled people face while dating..

Tales of the city

With 4 seasons based in different time zones, this show tells a beautiful story of the LGBT culture in San Francisco in a different time period. This show also covers pretty much everything from the AIDS crisis, to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representation.


A 4 season dark comedy series that explores the struggles of a gay couple with infidelity and substance abuse. This show shows the struggles of gay couples getting into open relationships. Can get sexually explicit at times, viewer discretion is advised!

Feel Good

A new series with 6 episodes out for the first season, Feel Good navigates the modern day sexuality landscape from a recovering addict’s eyes. Written by Mae Martin, this semi-autobiographical comedy series is worth a watch!

Queer eye

Queer eye, a show renewed by Netflix almost a decade after the original went off the air, is an American reality TV show where the fab 5 (The 5 amazing gay men – Tan, Antoni, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan) give makeovers to people who are nominated by their friends/family. They change everything from their house, to the way they look, to the way they dress and even their eating habits. This show is definitely a tear-jerker, so do keep some tissues handy while watching!

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